What is Social Phobia ?

What is Social Phobia?

What is Social Phobia
What is Social Phobia?
Social Phobia will be diagnosed with some psychological disorders such as when a person will be uncomfortable with the social life, avoid from the social events and unable to build social relationships. It is also known as Social Anxiety Disorder.
Social phobia disease may cause the person to not get used to the social life as well as feeling anxious and uncomfortable in a number of social situations which happen in their close environment and includes some people. For instance, people with social phobia cannot adapt themselves to these spaces and communities in activities such as weddings, funerals, and meetings with meals. It can be considered that person may have social anxiety disorder in case he or she cannot adapt himself or herself to the following activities;
  • Wedding, funeral,
  • Speaking in public,
  • Cannot finding courage in male / female relations,
  • Cannot participating in fun or party organizations; not being able to have fun,
  • Not being able to make his or her toilet or meet similar needs in public toilets,
  • Not being able to have new friends, not being able to meet or speak.
  • In such cases and a number of social situations, people with social phobia remain incomplete.
In a general sense, social phobia resembles the lack of self-confidence in people however the situation may be beyond of this. As a result of the research, 65% of individuals with social phobia does not have any lack self-confidence. This means that social phobia may not be caused by lack of self-confidence.

What Are the Causes of Social Phobia ?

What are the causes of Social Phobia
What Are the Causes of Social Phobia
People with social phobia will not be comfortable within the community and they will be exposed to constant and increasing shyness. This shyness will increase in time and the person tends to panic. For instance, the face of the person with social phobia will turn to red or his voice may quiver when talking in public because of the discomfort he feels.
Meanwhile, the person may start panicking by thinking that other people can realize this problem on him. People with social anxiety disorder who are faced with such a situation usually leaves the environment and avoid doing the same thing again. As a result, he is condemned to remain in an asocial life.

Well, Why Social Phobia Occurs ?

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Well, Why Social Phobia Occurs

Genetic Factors: The effect of genetic factors on the situation is quite excessive in social anxiety disorder. It is a psychological problem that is available in the person with the inherited characteristics. Today, many people with social anxiety disorder have been exposed to this disease due to genetic reasons.

Social Environment and Living Space: Social phobia, a disease that starts from childhood and progresses with age may develop depending on environmental factors. People who are constantly and frequently exposed to negative events in their living space and social environment have a higher possibility of social anxiety disorder. Especially negative traumas among the family or friends will change the perspective of the social life of these people and they will prefer to stay away from the community.
Lack of Personal Knowledge and Skill: The first thing that comes to the mind when lack of personal knowledge and skills in question is inadequate knowledge of the person within the community. People who cannot be included in the conversation in such environments feel incomplete and feel discomfort due to this reason. People will have two options in such cases. The first one is, working hard to get rid of this situation and the other one is being surrendered to the social phobia and avoid from areas which similar conversations take place. This means that in case people will not do anything to overcome this situation, they will be condemned to social phobia.
Other Situations: The above items are among the main causes of social phobia however there are other reasons that trigger social phobia in people. These can be listed as follows:
  1. Psychological traumas in the past,
  2. Tending to think negative all the time,
  3. Panic attack,
  4. The lack of confidence in himself or his environment,
  5. Freedom to express feelings and thoughts (it occurs when parents grow their children passively)
  6. The “need” psychology which is the result of not being able to meet their needs.

What Are Social Phobia Symptoms ?

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What Are Social Phobia Symptoms

In general terms, the symptoms of social phobia disease include all activities and events that take place in social life. In order to understand whether you have a social phobia, a person must contact with specialist physicians and need to be examined however we have prepared a list of social phobia symptoms below in order to assists you. People can reach a conclusion by analyzing themselves in line with the list.

  • Not being able to perform a phone call in crowd,
  • Not being able to eat in crowd, not being able to feel satisfied due to panic and stress of the moment,
  • Not being able to participate in the conversations with their friends, being a distant listener,
  • Not being able to talk face-to-face or on phone with a person he did not meet before,
  • Not being able to use the public toilets,
  • Facing with extreme panic and perform unexpected things when he will be the focus or a question is asked to him in a crowd,
  • Not being able to turn back the insistence on him and performing the action directed against him, even it will be unwillingly, (not being able to reject the request of people),
  • Not being able to communicate with the opposite sex in sexual or love relationships,
  • Not being able to express his own feeling and thoughts,
The possibility of social phobia is very high in people who are constantly and frequently confronted with such situations. In general terms, social phobia symptoms can be states as avoiding social events, not being able to communicate and not being able to meet new people.

How Long Does Social Phobia Therapy Last ?

How Long Does Social Phobia Therapy Last?
How Long Does Social Phobia Therapy Last
Although social phobia is a psychological disorder, it is possible to treat it with medical methods. Medical and psychological methods are used for SP (Social Phobia) treatment. The success rate is quite high in such applications which are usually performed based on the conversation and allow people to realize the SP problem in themselves. SP can be recovered with the right treatment however people should not have high but realistic expectations during the treatment.
Social phobia treatment lasts about 10-13 months. This means that people who will undergo drug or psychotherapy treatment can get rid of their social anxiety disorder in almost one year. One of the most preferred methods of the SP treatment is Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies. In this treatment method what kind of reaction the patient gives and anxiety problems that occur on them will be discussed. Feedback will be given to the person by communicating them about their reactions. In this way, people become aware of their anxiety disorder and try to overcome their problem by providing a positive response to the treatment.

What Is the Name of the Department that Deals with Social Phobia ?

Psychiatric Department and Psychology Department of Social Phobia
What Is the Name of the Department that Deals with Social Phobia

Social phobia is another term social anxiety disorder is based on psychology. People can recover from SP disease with both psychotherapy and drug treatment if needed. Early diagnosis is very important. People who believe that they have SP must visit the psychiatry department. Psychiatry and Psychology Departments deal with social phobia.

Specialist psychiatrists will determine the most appropriate treatment method for the person for the SP disease and this will be practiced for 10-13 months. Believing and patience are very important in order to let the treatment be successful and recover from the SP disease. It is up to the person to overcome the psychological problems underlying their disorder.


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