What Is Polycystic Over Syndrome

What Is Polycystic Over Syndrome ?

PCOS Nedir ?
What Is Polycystic Over Syndrome

Polycystic Over Syndrome or PCOS is a woman’s disease. The incidence rate of the disease is 40% in women over 40 years old. PCOS is known as an abnormal growth in ovaries and multiple cyst formations in women. Although the exact reasons and how polycystic over syndrome occurs is still unknown, some experts state that the syndrome is due to hormonal disorders. The following issues are generally observed in women with polycystic over syndrome:

  • Obesity in many women,
  • “Hairing” problem which is also known as hirsutism,
  • An abnormal pimple and acne formation in clitoris,
  • Menstrual irregularity and delay on menstruation which is called as oligomenorrhea,
  • Anovulation, i.e., irregularity in ovaries and infertility due to this.
In general polycystic over syndrome cause such problems. These cases which are caused by polycystic over syndrome may vary from person to person.

What Are Polycystic Over Syndrome Symptoms ?

Polikistik Over Sendromu (PCOS) belirtileri nelerdir ?
What Are Polycystic Over Syndrome Symptoms
There will be no enough symptoms in women in order to diagnose polycystic over syndrome. In general, patients learn that they have polycystic over syndrome once they have the disease or as a result of the ultrasound or blood tests.
PCOS disease usually occurs without any symptoms and observed in women over 40 years of age who have not entered the menopause. The hereditary diseases and ages of the people are considered to be the reason of this. Although the symptoms of the polycystic over syndrome has not been confirmed in the medicine world, they can be listed as follows;
  • Irregular and delayed menstruation,
  • Some psychological problems and nervous problems,
  • Infertility and absence of ovulation periods,
  • Although rare, sexual reluctance,
  • Severe pain in the pubic area or in the internal part of the vaginal area,
  • The male hormones are more active than the female hormones and thus, excessive hairiness.
People who experience few of these above-mentioned symptoms should have ultrasound treatment by going to specialist physicians and perform diagnosis.

How Is Polycystic Over Syndrome Treated ?

Polikistik Over nasıl tedavi edilir ?
How Is Polycystic Over Syndrome Treated
Today, there is no treatment that completely eliminates the polycystic over syndrome. However different treatment methods can be applied in order to overcome various problems of the patient. For instance, birth control pills are used for hairiness and irregular menstruation. Because birth control pills directly affect hormones it suppresses the excess of male hormones that occur in the ovaries and overcome problems such as hairiness. Also since male hormones lead to irregular menstruation, it is possible to make them regular by using birth control pills.
PCOS causes infertility in patients as a result of the problems in the ovaries. More than 70% of patients can achieve normal ovulation period with a variety of drug treatments. In this way, the infertility problem can be treated. However, a test tube baby treatment which is known as IVF should be used in infertility problems that can not be recovered by drug therapy. Infertility does not recover when IVF treatment is applied to women who want to have a child however they can give a birth.
Another cause of PCOS is obesity and patients should exercise regularly and consume low-calorie foods. It is necessary to make efforts to have more tempo than the normal people. Proper diet and sports are essential because obesity is mainly based on hormones.

Which Departments Deal with Polycystic Over Syndrome ?

 PCOS hangi bölüm bakar ?
Which Departments Deal with Polycystic Over Syndrome
Polycystic over syndrome is a woman’s disease. Obstetricians deal with polycystic over syndrome since the disease is not related to sexual diseases. You need to have an appointment from Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and examination is necessary.
People who experience at least two symptoms of the PCOS must be examined for early diagnosis and treatment. Treatment is very important in order to solve the problems that PCOS cause and age also affect the effectiveness of treatments to be performed.


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