What Is Menopause

What Is Menopause ?

Menopoz Nedir?
What Is Menopause
Scientifically, menopause is defined as the “last menstrual period” and it is a case that women encounter in their natural processes. As a result of the disposal of the ovulars, which are available in the limited number of us, from the body in each month, women begin to lose all of their ovulars towards the age 50 and their menstrual period will over. Fertility is completely out of the question with menopause.

Since the average age is 40-45 before the 20th century, women did not have much time to experience menopause. Those who exceed this average age did not know what menopause meant; however, as the average age increased with the advancements in science and medicine women have begun to have more knowledge about menopause and they found ways to overcome this period comfortably. Today, the average age at which women experience menopause is 47-50. This age range can change depending on the climate, community structure and individual characteristics.

What Are the Menopause Stages ?

Menopause is not a process in which everything starts and ends and then continues in its normal course. Women began to experience it few years before it happens and continue to feel the outcomes for few years after the menopause. These transitional periods naturally prepare the body for the new balance. There are three stages in menopause:
  • Premenopause Period: It is the period before menopause. It makes up a period of 2 or 6 years. Women experience some physiological symptoms during this period. Symptoms such as faster fatigue, hot flushes, osteolysis, slowing down of metabolism, a decrease in hormones, changes in emotional and perceptual balances can be seen during this period. Psychological symptoms can take different forms according to the lifestyle of the woman. Women have not lost their fertility during this period, however, there is a huge difference in terms of the risk between the younger aged pregnancies and unexpected pregnancies in women aged 40-50. It is highly possible to have a troublesome pregnancy process for both the mother and the baby. The menstrual periods become irregular. This phase will be completed when there will be frequent bleeding initially, then the blood will lessen and finally, it will over completely.
  • Menopause Period: It is the last menstrual period. The ovulars will be completely finished and it is not possible with today’s conditions to reverse this period or extend the menopause age. Women will completely lose their fertility. Women can seek medical advice in order to learn more about menopause and receive assistance in terms of alleviating or eliminating symptoms caused by menopause.
  • Postmenopause Period: It refers to the next one-year period after the menopause. Especially the female hormone “estrogen” has been greatly reduced. The risk for cardiovascular diseases has doubled. In addition to this, bones lose most calcium in this one year period. So, osteoporosis will be at the maximum level. Women should not neglect to seek medical advice during this period.

How Does Women’s Psychology Meet Menopause ?

Kadınların Psikolojisi Menopoz Dönemini Nasıl Karşılamaktadır
How Does Women’s Psychology Meet Menopause
The point of view for menopause will be different according to the community and lifetime of the person. For instance, it will be seen that there is a perception difference between East and West when we consider the world statistics. While women in the East perceive menopause as a salvation; menopause is perceived as “the end of womanhood” in Western communities and it leads to depression in people. However, there is no such thing as the end of womanhood.
Women only have left their fertility ability behind and vaginal dryness may occur due to the decrease in hormone levels; however local treatments are being implemented in order to avoid vaginal dryness (such as the application of creams, ovules, and suppositories containing estrogen to the vagina)
First of all, women should accept that menopause is a natural process. In case they will accept this, it will not be challenging for them to deal with the other phases and the symptoms will be milder.

What Conditions Affect the Menopausal Age ?

Genetic and environmental factors are the two most important factors in menopausal age. Each woman is born with a certain amount of ovulars. This is a genetic trait and it is not possible to change it with today’s condition. Each month one ovular will be disposed of the body through bleeding. Menopause will begin when your body will be out of these ovulars. This process is the most natural process that can happen. Environmental factors have the effect of slowing and accelerating this natural process. Some of the environmental factors that can cause menopause to happen much earlier are:
  • Poor Lifestyle: Those who have sleeping and eating disorders, and use alcohol tend to age faster. This fast aging process in the cells negatively affects all functions of the body. This case, cause menopause to develop earlier than expected.
  • Lack of exercise in your life, feeding with foods with additives and hormones
  • Smoking
  • Working under stress
  • Residing in cities with a lot of air pollution

What are the Symptoms of Menopause ?

Menopoz belirtileri nelerdir
What are the Symptoms of Menopause
Women experience some troubling symptoms when menopause start as a result of the decline in the hormone levels. The first and most important of these is not bleeding anymore. Especially in case women over age 47 did not bleed for a year, they can think that they are in menopause and seek medical assistance from a gynecologist. Hot flushes are another common symptom. Heat can be experienced on the chest and sweating may occur. Vaginal dryness can be experienced due to the decline in estrogen. Also, a very risky period will begin in terms of diseases
As women can experience the menopause period with great psychological distress, some of them may welcome this period normally an even with joy. This is entirely related to the point of view about the menopause. The decrease in hormones will also contribute to psychology in a negative sense; however, the biggest share here is the thought structure of the person. People may have more tendency to depression in this period. Newly experienced period and new hormone levels can cause women to become more intolerant and pessimistic. Meditation, faith and taking shower often will provide a psychological comfort to overcome this period.

Which Diseases Does the Menopause Trigger ?

Menopoz Hangi Hastalıkların Yaşanma Riskini Arttırır
Which Diseases Does the Menopause Trigger

The first 2 years after menopause are the years where bone tissue lost the most calcium from its reserves. In these years, calcium has a declining function of adhering to bones and more calcium will be disposed of the body. The way to compensate is; consuming more calcium-containing foods than usual (such as locust, kefir, milk, yogurt…) and consume calcium-containing tablet supplements advised by the physicians if needed. In case it will not be compensated, the risk of “osteoporosis” will increase.

Increased risk of cardiovascular diseases is also another negative effect of menopause. The risk of cardiovascular disease in women before the menopause is as half as men, however, this risk will be equal with the beginning of menopause. The attitudes and lifestyle of women in the face of the menopause are determinant in the increase or decrease of this risk.
In case there is genetic tendency or cancer develops in the breast, it will accelerate when women receive “estrogen hormone” supplements after the menopause. Therefore, hormone supplementation is not recommended during menopause unless it is really required.

Can Menopausal Age Be Delayed ?

The age of menopause in each women can be guessed because we come to the world with a certain amount of ovulars and one of these ovulars will be disposed of the body through bleeding (no bleeding will occur when the ovular fertilized with sperm resulting in sexual intercourse. In some cases, some women can dispose two ovulars in each month). Today’s technology can determine how many ovulars a woman has and when she will experience menopause.
Rather than delaying the menopausal age, it will be the more realistic approach to prevent this to happen earlier. People can find their natural menopause age by avoiding poor lifestyle, bad habits, stress factor and air pollution. Treatments after menopause will only eliminate the troublesome symptoms of the person and reinforce the missing things in the body.
Physicians used to advice estrogen supplement by providing hormone medication to women for the reduced female hormone (estrogen) however it was decided not to do hormone supplementation unless it was needed very much since it was observed that these hormone supplements increase the risk of breast cancer in women.

What Is Early Menopause ?

Climacterium before age 35 and not bleeding for more than a year defines the early menopause. As this case may be due to a low amount of ovulars from the birth, it can be due to poor lifestyle and traumas.
However, it is not common to find a woman with normal ovular amount who experienced menopause before the age 35 no matter how poor lifestyle she adopted. This is why early menopause can be named as a genetic condition. Physicians can do nothing in case the ovular reserves are run out of. It will be only possible to treat the symptoms and eliminate the problems.


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