What is Behcet disease?

What is Behcet disease?

What is Behcet's disease
What is Behcet’s disease
Behçet’s disease is a disease that describes the state of the body’s own immune system attacking its own vascular system. The vascular system is surrounded by almost all of the body. That’s why every point of the vein is at risk for this negative situation. When the immune system attacks the veins, it is kept in the veins; So the inflammation begins to occur. According to the organ that this inflammation holds, the symptoms of various behçet’s disease are observed. Intraoral, eye, genital organ and skin surface are the most affected organs of these involvement.
Ordinaryus Professor Dr. Hulusi Behçet was named “Behcet’s Disease” for the first time since he described this disease. For the first time by Hulusi Behçet, wounds were described in the mouth. The eyes, skin, joints and genital area involvement were also included in this recognition. All these cases have finally entered the World medical literature in 1935 years with the diagnosis of Behcet’s disease.
The immune system is called autoimmune vasculitis in case of a cause of deterioration and retention of veins. In Behçet’s disease, the wounds of the genital area are mostly parallel, and this is a characteristic condition in Behcet’s disease. Other symptoms are supportive symptoms.

What causes Behcet’s disease?

Behçet's disease Causes
Behçet’s disease Causes
There have been many researches on the causes of Behcet’s disease and the source is noted; However, even this day, it is unclear what causes behçet’s illness came forward from. This disease is a disease that is advanced from the person’s own immune system. The immune system is disrupted for any reason, and the entire defense system does not recognize its own organs by treating them as foreign agents.
Autoimmune vasculitis is the condition that the immune system does not recognize its own vascular system and is the main source of Behcet’s disease. The defense system attacks and destroys the veins, just like they attack the germs. All these situations prepare the ground for the development of ulcers (wounds), lesions (swelling or stains in various colors) in various parts of the body.
Scientists who are concentrating on the question of Behçet’s disease are genetically determined that in some families there is a series of Behçet’s disease. The research on these families has been identified as HLA-B5 genetic code. Variants of the HLA-B5 code can also be found. Especially those who have genetic code called HLA-B51 are considered to be at risk of getting Behcet’s disease. The immune system of these individuals can be disrupted by a trigger factor. Any infection can trigger the deterioration of the immune system; However, a special infection caused by the research on behçet’s patients could not be determined. Any infection agent can initiate this process. Everyone carrying the HLA-B5 genetic code does not have a base to develop Behcet’s disease.

Is Behcet’s disease contagious?

Behcet’s disease is definitely not contagious. This disease is a condition associated with the person’s own inheritance and its immune system.  It differs from the person from whom this disease begins and how it affects the body. Depending on the organs affected, treatments will also change. Therefore, the treatment of Behçet’s disease is unique. There is no clear treatment system.

Behçet’s Disease Symptoms

Behçet's Disease Symptoms
Behçet’s Disease Symptoms
How to understand Behcet’s disease; It is necessary to know the answer to this question without a major destruction in the veins and organs and the overall health condition is severely affected. In fact, if possible, to be informed about this before getting this disease, to incorporate it into our general culture information and to share this information with others will be of great benefit. The symptoms of Behçet’s disease include:
  • Aft formations (wounds that develop in the mouth region. These wounds can develop in many people and are frequently seen in our society. However, if this problem occurs more than 3 times in 1 year, it should be the first to come to mind beh@@ disease.)
  • Uveitis (the case of inflammation of the vein layer in the eye called Uvea. If untreated, it may cause vision loss in the long run.)
  • If genital ulcers (genital area sores, aft and uveitis are watched together, doctors will easily evaluate this painting as Behcet’s disease and direct patients to the necessary tests. These 3 symptoms are characteristic of Behcet’s disease.)
  • Arthritis (the condition of inflammation of joints.)
  • Gastrointestinal tract problems (stomach and intestines are very rich areas of blood vessels. It is inevitable that the involvement of the vein is damaged in this region.)
  • Skin lesions (swelling, redness and painful lesions can be observed.)
The people who enter the process of this disease experience multiple symptoms in the body and go to the relevant section for each symptom. Mostly doctors complain. So the patients who go to the eye doctor are not subject to injuries in the genital area; Or the Doctor who admitted to the mouth about the wounds that occur, does not mention joint pain. Whereas Behcet’s disease is a disease that can be evaluated and linked to many branches. If the patient is not suspected of behçet’s illness, then a lot of health problems will occur in a row for very long periods of time.

Who is Behçet’s disease?

Behçet's disease is seen in chemistry
Behçet’s disease is seen in chemistry
The incidence of Behçet’s disease is almost equal in women or in males; However, in men, Behçet’s disease is more severe. The incidence of individuals aged between 20-35 years is greater. The person with Behçet’s disease has a slight sense of the effects of this disease as the age progresses. There are periods of “exacerbation attacks” in Behçet’s disease. These attacks are the moments when the symptoms of Behçet’s disease are experiencing very severe. As the year progresses, the incidence of these attacks decreases.
Genetic factors have not been observed to cause much effect in the case of this disease. In spite of genetic factors, multiple behçet’s disease in the same family is between 1-3 and 1000. However, in Turkey, this rate is 1-3 in 1000. In persons under the age of 20 or older than 35 years, the incidence of Behcet’s disease is much less.

Does Behcet’s disease affect sexual life?

Does Behçet's disease affect sexual life
Does Behçet’s disease affect sexual life
One of the characteristic symptoms of Behcet’s disease is the wounds of the genital region. The wounds of this genital region, seen in men or women, cause pain during intercourse. This indirectly affects sexual life. People get nervous about sexual intercourse, and they even walk away. Usually, patients are afraid to mention their doctors from wounds that develop in genital areas.
When they experience pain that can’t be overcome and their sexual lives are deadlocked, they tell the doctors. For this reason, physicians who are discovering other symptoms and suspected of behçet’s disease should ask their patients for detailed questions about their sexual life in order to better assess and ensure the situation. The patients who are conscious of the specific symptoms of Behçet’s disease and who are living them should be able to assess themselves as a whole and to explain all the problems experienced to the doctors they are applying to. This will accelerate the process.
Behçet’s disease causes symptoms of fatigue and weakness. For sexual life, motivation is very important. Motivation is an element that directly affects sexual performance and desire. Chronic depression can follow this process due to prolonged periods of time. Therefore, sexual life is very much influenced.

Will Behcet’s patients have children?

Women’s Behçet’s patients may conceive of a doctor’s control if they are not experiencing problems with the reproductive system or psychological infrastructure. The symptoms of beh@@ disease are often mild during pregnancy. However, some exceptional cases are also available. Therefore, it is imperative that pregnancy be controlled by the doctor. The treatment of Behcet’s disease is determined by the condition of pregnancy and the person’s body. Patients should share every detail in the body with the doctor in this process. This strict pursuit is important so that the mother candidate and pregnancy are not compromised.
If Behçet’s illness is too harsh, the treatment must be intense and tough, so pregnancy is definitely not recommended for women. Medications that prevent pregnancy during the treatment are used.

How to diagnose Behcet’s disease?

How to diagnose Behcet's disease

The symptoms of Behçet’s disease are very specific to the diagnosis path. Especially in 1 year, more than 3 and 3 developing aft wounds are an important symptom suggesting behçet’s disease. Genital wounds following these oral wounds, eye rash and stinging are other symptoms that support this painting. The Doctor who observes these symptoms also asks detailed questions for other symptoms, and if they are supported, Behçet’s disease arises. As soon as the doctor is suspected of beh@@ ‘s illness, he directs patients to the Patergia test.

How to test Behcet’s disease?

The Patergia test is a test used for the diagnosis of Behcet’s disease. The hair and non-vein inner arm surface is sterilized with alcoholic cotton. Then, with the help of a ink-resistant pencil, circles are drawn around 2 cm in diameter. The pack of a sterile needle with a thick tip that has never been used before opens and the needle is sunk several times to the plastic injector cover extracted from the end of this needle to dull the end. When the needle is ready, it is immersed in the circles drawn on the inner arm about 5 mm with an angle of 45 degrees. This process is called a pixel open operation.
These pixels are evaluated after 24-48 hours. The test is positive if a painful swelling occurs on the surface of the skin where the needle is sunk. This is defined by the doctor, whether it points to Behcet’s disease. However, the positive outcome of this test may not be conclusive. Positive results are also in other diseases. It is only evaluated as a supportive diagnostic method. If this test is positive and one or more of the other symptoms, especially the oral wounds, are seen in parallel, then the doctor is diagnosed with beh@@ disease.

Is there a cure for Behcet’s disease?

Is there a cure for Behcet's disease
Is there a cure for Behcet’s disease
It is not possible to find a definitive solution to Behçet’s disease and to be able to treat 100% in this day. The person who had Behcet’s disease should now see this disease as part of his life and live accordingly. It’s a process. There are light and flammable periods. For example, when pregnant or aged, they are usually mild.
The treatment of Behçet’s disease takes place. The causes of Behçet’s disease must be clear for the method and the route to be clear. However, there is no clarity. This means that the medications used in Behçet’s disease are not specific or are not able to talk about a particular method. Symptoms of patients can vary. In addition, people are different from each other.
The important thing about this disease is the tight relationship between the doctor and the patient. Patients should not change their doctors if possible, in order not to have any problems in communication. Each doctor develops its own procedure follow-up process. Often, changing the doctor will disrupt this order. The success of the treatment will be proportional to the robustness of this communication.

What should behçet’s patients care about?

What should be the attention of behçet patients
What should be the attention of behçet patients
The most important thing to pay attention to behçet’s patients is the disease itself. People should should this disease and give direction to her life accordingly. Behçet’s disease breeds a lifestyle and must be observed to ensure that the quality of life does not go away. This illness takes the person under the term period, a time when the question heals and repeats again. The severity of each of the horses may differ from each other. It is not possible to predict what intensity the next shot will be and what day it will come across. This can be done in order to overcome mild or relatively low episodes of the disease:
  • Avoiding the compelling factors of the immune system: starving yourself, prolonged exposure to the cold air, excessive fatigue, good relaxation, not paying attention to the food, being in close contact with people with infectious diseases is a compelling immune Factors. Food or habits cause different effects in every human being.
  • Self-recognition: Each person’s body system is different from each other. People should observe their own body well and analyze what is best for him. It should be avoided from things that are not good, and the good ones should be kept close.
  • To pay attention to nutrition: Behçet’s patients should pay particular attention to the nutritional order. A low and frequent diet is a nutritional style according to Behçet’s patients. This nutritional style is preferable because it is a style that does not overtire the digestive tract. In addition, the nutritional order should be developed according to the medications used to treat Behcet’s disease. For example, if there is a drug containing cortisone (stress hormone) in the treatment process, the salt from the nutrition order is completely removed.
  • Removing stimulating substances from your life: it will inflame the frequency and severity of the attacks, especially because alcohol and cigarettes disrupt the natural mucosal structure in the internal organs.
  • Attending doctor’s checks: patient-doctor relationship and patient’s strict pursuit are of great importance in this disease.
Unless inflammation (arthritis) occurs in the joints, the people living in Behçet’s illness can exercise in a way that is not too heavy. Sports is an activity that strengthens immunity. But it won’t be right to overdo it on sports.

Behçet’s Disease Herbal Treatment methods

Behçet's Disease Herbal Treatment methods
Behçet’s Disease Herbal Treatment methods
Since Behçet’s disease is a disease related to immune problems, it is especially useful to apply herbal treatment methods that can strengthen the maximum level of immunity. These plants will be very beneficial if they are anti-microbial (inhibiting the activity of microbes), anti-oxidative (toxin thrower), anti-inflammatory (antiinflamatory and relieving) properties. Many specialists who specialize in the field of alternative medicine who have been specialized on plants recommend the cilantro plant especially in behçet’s disease. The coriander plant has many useful features alongside these three important qualities.
Coriander is a plant used in the field of medicine. There are quite a strong features. It almost starts from the nervous system and protects and heals all body function, organs, from the circulatory system. He’s rich in Protein. It also contains vitamin C and K. The coriander cure will be able to see that the wounds in the mouth are mild or even a few days from the start of the application.
The coriander sphere is used in the morning evening and has a fresh preparation requirement each time. The eye decision is taken into a quantity of coriander and is made into dust. Whichever glass is to be drank, the water is added to the pot and boiled. The powdered coriander is added to this boiling water, it is expected to take the pot for 15 minutes and is consumed.
Plants such as mulberry, turmeric, propolis, barley, carob, Carbias, and the products that can be used in the herbal treatment of Behcet disease. Plants that are anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-microbial properties can be made into putty or boiled and consumed in tea.

What should behçet patients eat?

Behçet’s patients should consume nutrients that are immune strengthening and purifying properties from waste substances in the body. Vegetable-fruit consumption should be in the season. Products must be fresh. Nutritional values should be selected with high nutrients, and should be noted that food groups in the meal are compatible. (for example; not consuming yogurt with meat products; instead of increasing the bonding of the iron element from the flesh, the vitamin C tank should be consumed with lemon green salads…)

What should behçet patients eat?

Behçet’s patients should pay attention to nutrition, perhaps 10 times more than normal people. Packaged, stale and non-seasonal products come at the beginning of the nutrients that beh@@ patients should avoid. If the drugs used in the treatment of Behcet’s disease have cortisone content, it should be avoided from savory products and pickles. Grapefruit fruit is also risky during the treatment period. The effect of Greyfurtun in the body lasts 24 hours. It can cause serious health problems because it is in the ability to increase the effects of drugs. Alcoholic products should also be avoided.

Which section does Behcet’s disease look?

Which part of Behcet's disease looks
Which part of Behcet’s disease looks
People who think they are experiencing the symptoms of Behçet’s disease must first apply to the internal Medicine department. Here are the problems to be told from start to finish. Even if possible, the physician should be expressed suspicion of beh@@ disease. In this way, the physician will be guided for tests that are specific to Behçet’s disease and the process is possible to accelerate. According to the symptoms experienced by behçet’s patients, it remains in contact with different departments of the hospital:
  • Rheumatology for joint pain
  • Dermatology for skin lesions and intraoral aft formations
  • Eye diseases for eye sores or redness
  • Gynecological (for women) or urology for Genital organ ulcers (for men)
  • Children’s health and diseases and children’s rheumatology departments are applied.

How many reports are given to behçet patients?

As it is known, Behçet’s disease is unique. So it causes different effects in every body. This determines the percentage of the report that will be given how many of these symptoms are experienced, which is dominant, what extent it affects the body, how to hold the job. If there are usually more than 3 and 3 symptoms, at least 40% of the work can be received; However, it is not possible to talk about a certain percentage without full control.

Is Behçet’s disease fatal?

Behçet’s disease is not fatal, although it corrus the quality of life; However, if serious vascular involvement (inflammations) occur, it can come to a hazardous dimension. Behçet’s patients are well known for their own bodies and diseases and will not be faced with a deadly or serious picture if they live according to them.


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