Things to Know About Children and Games

Toys are vehicles that distinguish a large part of children’s days and play an important role in their development. Well, we know how much we know about toys, or what we need to know. In our list we have compiled for you, you will be able to see the information that you have known before or that you have never heard before.

1. Everything for them is a toy

Everything for them is a toy
Everything is a toy for them
Children are also interested in other objects outside their own toys. They especially want to join them by wondering about the objects that adults use. Because the children who need to know their environment and the world are having knowledge thanks to these curiosities. For this reason, toys may be preferred to children with similar characteristics to adults’ objects. In this way, their curiosity can be removed by these toys.
For example; a kitchen toy set that can be taken for a child who is interested in her mother’s kitchen utensils will be very interesting for the child. Also remember, even if you do not buy any toys, they can find them to play around with toys. Maybe it’s a box, maybe just a sand! Because for them everything is a potential toy.

2. Keep Things Away For Gameplay

Keep Things Away For Gameplay
have supplies to play around
As we mentioned in the first article, most of the objects he sees are potential for children. For this reason, make sure there are some kind of toys to play around in order to prevent any object they see.
For this you can separate the empty boxes or broken appliances for them. They can produce countless games using such objects. Of course, be careful of objects that have the potential to harm the child when doing so!

3. Expand Borders of Playgrounds

Playgrounds have narrowed both in the home and in the outdoor environment compared to the old times. The increase in the number of electronic devices in the houses can not be found in areas where children can play games easily due to the troubles caused by the urbanization in the outdoor environment. For this reason, children who are trapped in marriages have difficulty showing sufficient development.
For this reason, it is necessary to extend the playgrounds for them both at home and in the outside. For example; you can organize your home room or balcony so that you can move around and play games.

4. Children are on their way to new games

Children are on their way to new games
kids are after new games
Playing the same game every day for children is both tedious for them and ineffective for their development. For this reason it is very important for them to get toys that will allow them to produce new games. Lego, Play Doh toys, which allow them to produce objects of different kinds, such as game doughs and blocks, will meet this need for them.

5. Allow Playing With Toys

Some parents restrict their children from being shaved or broken. Do not forget that the toy you are going to buy is for your child’s game needs, so keep in mind that in some cases it will break. A child who plays with toys and is an old child means he has improved himself in many ways.
For example, it is extremely wrong to worry about buying a very expensive toy car and then giving it to your child so that it will not be harmed by its price.

6. Unused Items to Attract Interests

Unused Items to Attract Interests
Do not miss the joys of playing
Children, as we have mentioned, are interested in the objects that adults use. For this reason you can no longer use it or make it a toy for the child, considering whether it is suitable for the child when you are throwing away your old goods. Children can use these objects to imitate their parents and play them for other purposes.
For example; Hot Wheels can play a garage game using a shoe box as a garage.

7. Do not miss the joys of playing your games!

It’s like a profession for most children to play games. When you are dealing with an adult job and how you want your work to be divided and focused, the children are the same. Just as a person who completes his / her work is happy, the children live in the same dream of enthusiasm.
For this reason restricting, blocking or dividing their games is a form of behavior that will upset and anger them. The moments when these situations are most experienced are usually the mealtimes. Waiting for the child to come to lunch immediately when the food is ready and making the pressure causes the game to remain in the air. For this reason, it may be helpful to inform the child half an hour before the food is ready in such circumstances and adjust itself accordingly.

8. Number of Toys should not be exaggerated

Number of Toys should not be exaggerated
the number of toys should not be exaggerated
Parents and children feel the need to buy toys they see while traveling. In this case, it causes a lot of toys in the house. Do not forget that the lack of supplies provides for the production of new ideas. If it is too much, the brain does not need it, so it solves it using the things that are ready. For this reason, do not exaggerate the number of toys in order to reduce the difficulties that children will have in choosing which toy to play and to contribute to the production of new ideas!
For example; it is more efficient to try to carry out other functions with these cars by buying fewer toy cars instead of taking toy cars with different functions!

9. Children’s Age-appropriate Toys Should Buy

Children show certain improvements in certain periods. It is unwarranted to expect to play this ball as a footballer when you receive the ball, and the toy to be bought for a skill that has not yet reached a level that is out of place.
For this reason, the development process must be known and the toy should be bought accordingly. For example, a child with an advanced Lego set will have difficulty wearing these Legos.

10. Toys should be respected

Toys should be respected
toys should be respected
Toys are materials used by children to realize their dreams. For this reason they are very valuable to them. He even owns some of his toys extreme. So if you want to be careful and careful how you like your favorite song, show the same respect and attention to children’s toys!
Be respectful to the new objects they reveal at the end of their games, even let them hide. For example; you can allow a bird you play with a game dough to put in a certain place in your room.

11th. Do not Differentiate Gender

Sex discrimination is not correct in children’s games and toys. They will inevitably be directed towards the area they are interested in over time. It is natural for girls to drive cars with remote control as much as boys play with Barbie dolls. For this reason, do not limit them by gender discrimination with regard to the topics they are interested in and which they are curious about.

12. Must Be Affordable

it must be appropriate to their ability
Children’s ages and abilities must be considered when choosing a toy. Taking a jigsaw to a child whose memory is not very well developed yet and is not in this process can cause him to feel unsuccessful. Waiting for Legos to produce new objects in the same way can also reduce the child’s self-confidence. Therefore, by acting in a way that is appropriate for their age, it is necessary to determine which stage they are in and to choose the toys that provide the development of that turn.
It is also important to be durable by age. In some periods, it is necessary for toys to have this feature, especially since they show behaviors like throwing toys. Soft toys such as dolls can be suitable for these periods.

13. Freelancers

Toys for children
allow children to play alone
When we think about children, we can put ourselves in it. If we do not want to listen to a love we do not like and do not want to do, the same things apply to them. It is not a fun situation for them to tell them about a topic that does not attract attention.
It is also unpleasant for children to want a child who wants to ride a wagon car to play with a toy car instead.

14. Allow Children to Play Alone

Children are uncomfortable to know that they are watched from outside when playing games. Being warned when you do something wrong during your games, or telling the solution when something is trying is not the right kind of behavior.
For example; While trying to make some objects with legs, it is more likely to interfere with it and to tell where to wear it, it will be a game for the child, and it will also have negative effects.

15. Time for Your Children

Time for Your Children
time your children
Children need as much toys as their families. Taking family games and spending time with the children make them feel peaceful and happy. In this respect, communication and social developments are provided.
It is the behavior that will negatively affect children if they do not show interest in the children and ignore the projects or objects that they end up producing. For this reason, it is necessary to spend time with children by organizing game sessions every day if possible. Of course, care should be taken to avoid situations such as intervening children at these times.


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