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What is Aids ?

Aids Belirtileri
What is Aids

AIDS; HIV is a disease caused by the virus. This disease was first noticed in 1981, and research has continued since then. Because it is a disease that affects immunity, it is very dangerous and lethal. As you know, the immune system or the immune system is a system that protects us against viruses, bacteria or fungi. We fight with all microorganisms from the simplest to the toughest, and often we do not feel this war. We become sick with our immune system falling down by various causes. This is when normal people come to me from time to time; People with AIDS often come to the head. Because with this disease immune is always in a weakness. The effects of even the simplest virus have a strong echo in these people; to death.

AIDS disease is more common in the United States. It is believed that the fact that the immigrants from many different countries come to the country and that they are given much liberty about sexuality is the factor.
This disease is a acquired disease. So we do not have such a disease in our genetics. For a variety of reasons, the disease will eventually cloud and the person will acquire this disease. Patients with AIDS are at risk because they only increase the chance of transmission. Besides, it would be inconvenient to think that it might be because I have AIDS in the family. Only the people need to be well protected.

What is HIV ?

What is HIV
What is HIV
HIV; Abbreviation for Human Immunodeficiency Virus expression. In other words, “Human Immunodeficiency Virus” is translated into the meaning of our language. An expression of HIV disease is a misnomer. Because HIV is not a disease type; a kind of stubborn and stubborn virus that has a negative impact on the person’s immunity. Antibodies are formed in the body system by the introduction of HIV virus in the body. These antibodies are called Anti-HIV. So this virus is an antivirus that activates the body defense system. HIV can become active immediately in the body in as little as 2 weeks, or it can circulate for us for many years without feeling any complaint. This is a very insidious virus. Everyone who carries HIV in his body is also ill with AIDS. There are also cases of lifeless HIV that carry HIV and live without AIDS.
However, the expression “HIV in every AIDS patient’s body” is correct. Therefore, there is no need to use the AIDS test and the HIV test expressions in the same sense.
HIV-positive for HIV-infected persons; those who do not carry it are called HIV-negative.  The HIV virus needs to be included in the bloodstream so that it can survive. The CD4T blood cells are blood cells that provide immune support and the HIV virus seizes these cells the most. HIV multiplies by entering the CD4T blood cells and infects these cells. This leads to a decrease in the amount of CD4T. Therefore, the immune system is greatly affected by this adverse situation and the degradation over time. This is why it is very important to have HIV screening tests at the earliest stage and to prevent HIV activity. The Elisa test is the most common and widely used screening test for HIV detection.

What Are AIDS Symptoms ?

What are AIDS Symptoms
What are AIDS Symptoms
Because AIDS disease causes immune deficiency, it causes many opportunistic infections around to get caught easily. These infections usually have symptoms of diseases such as colds, colds, flu. The AIDS disease symptoms that appear at first stage include:
  • Loss of appetite and serious weight loss
  • Easy fatigue, fatigue
  • High fever
  • Long running diarrhea
  • Scars that develop in the mouth and the mouth
  • Night Sweats
  • Long-lasting diarrhea (diarrhea)
  • Cough
  • Swelling under the armpit, neck and pubic area (caused by swelling of the lymph glands). Lymph glands are the body’s immune mechanism.)
  • Skin lesions in black-purple colors (Kaposi’s sarcoma), especially on limbs and crows,
These symptoms may continue for too long. However, when different infections are added to the screen, the condition of the patient with AIDS may become much worse.
Pneumonia (pneumonia) originating from the microorganism of Pneumocystis carinii begins to appear in the majority of people living with AIDS. This microorganism often causes disease in animals. In humans it can be seen that he has had the following conditions:
  • Premature born babies (very young babies born without completing development)
  • In malnutrition (When nutrition is insufficient, body resistance may decrease and the body may become exposed to infections.)
  • In the case of mental retardation (It is seen that those who have development problems are vulnerable to infections.)
  • Use of immunosuppressive drugs
  • In those who have broken body resistance (AIDS is a disease that eliminates immunity and body resistance. Because of this, pneumonia is very common in these patients.)

AIDS Symptoms in Women

AIDS Symptoms in Women
AIDS Symptoms in Women
AIDS indications can be echoed in different forms according to their biological characteristics in men and women, but the result is the same when looking at the big picture. The way to completely eliminate this disease that has been recognized and researched since 1981 is not yet available today. In today’s conditions, it is only possible to stop progress, extend life and improve quality of life. Therefore, it is very important to take precautions before the HIV virus, which is taken in the body, makes AIDS disease and completely destroy the immunity. Otherwise, it is inevitable to confront a very difficult process that can reach to death when immunity is completely eliminated.
AIDS indications specific to women include:
  • Menstrual irregularity or abnormal menstrual bleeding
  • Very severe live vaginal fungi or infections
  • Genital herpes or genital warts
  • Causeless headaches
  • Gynecological problems (eg destruction or tumors on the cervix)
The AIDS indication may manifest itself in the complications of the testis or penis in male patients. All these symptoms can be news of different diseases. The only way to finalize is to consult the relevant health institutions and have them examined and tested.

How to Find AIDS ?

How to AIDS
How to AIDS
In 1983, when AIDS was created by a virus and was contagious, Montagnier in Paris / Institut Pasteur. As most HIV viruses that cause AIDS are known to be the most common form of transmission, they are unprotected sexual intercourse. Particularly those who are having sex with many partners or who have had sexual intercourse with many partners worry that they may have been infected after they became aware of the HIV virus, and the following questions are usually asked:
  • How to AIDS bullshit?
  • What are AIDS transmission routes?
  • What is the percentage of AIDS infections?
  • Is AIDS immediately overcrowded, or is it too often when people are HIV positive?
  • Do you smile with AIDS kissing?
  • Are Aids Spitting?
AIDS is often found through sexual intercourse. This virus must be able to enter the bloodstream in order to become active in the body. The probability of being infected by men from men is far greater than the possibility of infection with men from women. The reason for this is that the vaginal mucosa in women is more suitable for the transfer of viruses to the blood. There are small slits in the vaginal wall. These clefts allow the viruses to cling and transfer to the bloodstream. In men’s sexual organs, it is less likely to be infected with males because these slits, which allow the passage of viruses, are not as many as in females and are easier to purify.
  • Genital ulcer (wound) formation,
  • Previously, these organs have become infected and irritated by other microorganisms,
  • Women in menstrual period
  • Some chemical substances, such as the deterioration of the skin integrity of genital organs, increase the possibility of HIV infection to the bloodstream, thus laying the groundwork for AIDS disease.
“Anal sex”, which can also be expressed in the form of an inverse relationship or a backward relationship, is the most important risk factor for the spread of the HIV virus. That is why homosexual and bisexual men are at serious risk for AIDS

AIDS Just Survive By Sexual Relationship ?

AIDS Just Laugh Through Sexual Relationship
AIDS Just Laugh Through Sexual Relationship
AIDS is the most common way to overcome sexual intercourse. Because the probability of exposure to other contaminating factors is lower than the chance of having sex. For example, taking blood from someone who is “HIV positive” or injecting medicine into the body with an injector that the nurses have previously used in an HIV-positive patient can also cause transmission of the HIV virus; however, such interventions are carried out once a month. Sexual intercourse is often done after a certain period. The more exposure to a risk factor, the greater the likelihood of transmission of the virus.
This disease is very rare in our country. That is why it is necessary to think well before living with people who have lived in countries where AIDS is widespread, and who have no restrictions on sexual intercourse. It may take quite a long time for AIDS to show up in the body system, and one may not realize it without entering an irreversible path. In some cases, HIV-infected individuals may not be able to detect the HIV virus in the first place and may infect the virus with many people through sexual intercourse or blood, assuming the person is healthy.
First of all, there is no possibility of AIDS infection by kissing, spitting, sweat, hugging, hugging, handshaking. These people can be found in the same environment; the same toilet, the same pool, the same plate, and the same person. However, if there is a wound in the body of the AIDS patient, and there is a wound in the organ (eg, in his hand) where the healthy person touching it may also come into contact, then there is a risk. Such issues should be considered.
AIDS transmission routes can be clearly explained by 3 items:
  • Unprotected sexual intercourse (Vaginal, anal, oral, all kinds of unprotected sexually transmitted infection is possible. The HIV virus is just one of these. As is known, other microorganisms are more vulnerable to HIV infection.
  • Blood with HIV virus (taking the blood or the organ of those who have this virus by transfer, using the injector that they used, and injuring with the injured tool that injured them. However, an HIV-positive blood that has been left in the outdoors for a long time creates a low risk because it will die completely within minutes with the effect of sun and oxygen. The amount of blood and the time it takes to get there is at risk.)
  • Transition from mother to baby (It is about 30% chance of this virus passing from mother to baby carrying HIV virus. If the mother is treated during pregnancy, the likelihood of infection is less than 0.5%. This virus from mother to baby; during the mother’s womb, at the time of delivery, or during lactation.)

How Many Percentage of AIDS Contagion Possible ?

Percentage of AIDS Infection Possible
Percentage of AIDS Infection Possible
It is impossible to pinpoint exactly how much of an HIV-negative individual with AIDS or a sexually transmitted HIV-positive individual will be affected. However, in this regard, a large-scale research was conducted on “HIV-positive” and “HIV-negative” couples in Europe and the following results were obtained in the light of research:
  • Concentration of HIV virus in couples who use condom regularly 0%
  • Condom infection rate is 0.1%. (However, if the HIV-infected partner crosses the HIV-positive phase only and has a severe AIDS disease, the possibility of infecting the virus with the virus is increased 4-fold.)
  • It has been determined that the risk of male patients infecting women with HIV is twice as much as the risk of women infecting men. It is believed that the mucous membrane in the vagina of the woman and the rickety surface in the vaginal wall are responsible for the retention of viruses and for the transport of the viruses.
  • It is understood that people with genital wounds have a 5-fold greater risk of HIV infection than others. This is equivalent to 40%.
  • The rate of HIV-related infection without condom was 28%.
  • No oral contraceptive HIV infection has been observed. However, the low number of couples evaluated in this group raises doubt on the generality. Therefore, it is recommended to use condoms in any case.
These surveys were conducted on the same sexually active persons. It is also evident that those who are exposed to unprotected sex with constantly different partners will be exposed to many infection factors, especially HIV. It should also be considered how vulnerable a person who has acquired any infection to the HIV virus is and should be placed on the issue of protection.

How to Test AIDS ?

How to Perform AIDS Test
How to Perform AIDS Test
In the earliest stage, in order to be able to detect HIV virus, those within the risk group should have AIDS test or HIV test. This is important for the lives of other people who will both live their own lives and sexuality and is an important responsibility.
For the AIDS test (HIV test), the following tests are applied to the sample of the blood taken by the injector from the suspects in the relevant laboratories:
  1. Elisa Test: This test measures the number of antibodies developed against the HIV virus in the body. These are called Anti-HIV. These antibodies include; The HIV virus begins to develop in about 6-7 weeks after being taken into the body. Even in the ELISA test it can take 12-13 weeks for these antibodies to become detectable. So even if people have this test immediately after the suspicious sexual intercourse, they will probably get negative results, and the person will live without knowing that they are carrying the HIV virus in future periods.
  1. P24 Antigen Test: P24 anti-human has a protein specific to the HIV virus. (Antigen: proteins that are external and harmful to the body. It causes the formation of antibodies in the body. Bacteria, viruses or parasites are antigens.) Elisa is better than the test; because the situation can be determined before 6 weeks. Approximately 2 weeks after the virus is received in the body, the antibody binds to the P24 antigen in the body. The presence of P24 may become visible after this antigen-antibody link is established. The presence of Kanda P24 is a clear proof of the existence of HIV. However, since the rate of antibody production can vary from person to person, there is a possibility that this test may also produce a misleading negative result. That ‘s why 2. It is useful to repeat the test periodically from the beginning of the week.
  1. Generation Antigen and Antibody Tests: This test is much more precise and much more consistent than the ELISA test and the P24 antigen test. With this test, it is possible to assess the relative concentration of each of the P24 antigen and the body separately, without having to wait for the binding of the antibody developed by the body. That’s why the fraud rate is very low. This test is carried out by special “test kits” of commercial companies. The precision of the test kit is directly proportional to the consistency of the result. Therefore, people should investigate the right firm for this test kit and question it in the laboratories where they apply.
  1. HIV PCR Test: It is a highly advanced test method. Applications are made that will allow the HIV virus, which normally can not be viewed, to be displayed within 9-11 days. By the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) method, the genetic material of the virus, which is so rare as to be hard to see, is reproduced. When the virus is replicated, it can be examined. The genetic material of the virus that can be displayed in this state is understood as soon as possible whether it belongs to the HIV virus. If the HIV PCR test is performed after 4 weeks of suspected sexual intercourse, the likelihood of a correct outcome will increase to 100%.
HIV Validation Test: This test is used to clarify the situation after you have obtained a positive result from the tests mentioned above. This method is not used in the screening of HIV virus because the sensitivity of this test, which is known as HIV Western Blot test, is low. The “HIV-positive” result in the other tests will require some time to be validated with this test. If some of the p18, p24, p30, p40, p41, p53, p55, p68, gp41, gp120, gp160 proteins specific to the HIV virus are detected, it is verified that the person is HIV-positive.

How is AIDS Treatment ?

How AIDS Treatment Is
How AIDS Treatment Is
100% treatment of the AIDS disease, which is characterized by modern age and paternity, is still not possible today. A person lives with this disease for life. The disease should be treated before entering the heavy stomach, where the immunity is completely consumed. Otherwise, even the simplest cold will make death inevitable.
Is there any treatment for your AIDS condition? AIDS treatment is focused on preventing disease progression, keeping immunity strong, and prolonging the life span in today’s conditions. As long as a person follows the treatment well and takes good care of himself, it can lead a quality life with this disease for years.
There are some drugs that control the multiplication of HIV viruses. These drugs are called “antiretroviral drugs”. These medicines overestimate the complaints about the cause of the HIV virus and prolong the life span. This treatment is called antiretroviral therapy. Many types of antiretroviral drugs have been removed. This creates a therapeutic wealth that appeals to many types of patients.
Doctors benefit from the results of blood tests and the indications of the individual to be able to select an antiretroviral drug to the patient. Tests such as P24 Antigen, HIV PCR play an important role in determining the treatment process.
Doctors do not want to start medication immediately, just because they are infected with HIV while they are still immune. Because the side effects of the drugs used are quite heavy. If the appropriate medication is not selected and appropriate treatment is not given, there is a possibility that the body may develop resistance to the contrary, which is the worst. This is continued as the body’s immunity is sufficient for the body. Follow up with sick blood tests until the first HIV virus statement has occurred. When the Kanda HIV rate starts to increase and the person experiences various complaints, a suitable antiretroviral drug is identified.
Doses should be taken as prescribed by the doctor and should be absolutely stable. The way of life and especially the diet must be compatible with these drug routines. Disrupting drug treatment is the basis for the HIV virus to increase in the body and become effective. It also develops resistance to body drugs. This means that the treatment can not produce results; thus preparing a table for death.

Which doctor should go for AIDS ?

Which doctor should go for AIDS disease
Which doctor should go for AIDS disease
AIDS is a type of infection caused by the HIV virus. Therefore, it is necessary to refer to the Department of Infectious Diseases of the hospitals. The Department of Infectious Diseases works in parallel with Microbiology Laboratories. Persons can directly refer to any Biochemistry Laboratory to say they want to have an AIDS test. However, some laboratories do this test with the doctor’s recommendation according to the principle. It is also very important how long ago the suspect relationship had lived.

Even in the case of advanced HIV screening tests that diagnose at the earliest stage, the result is misleading. So it would be pointless to apply to the labs immediately after the suspicious sexual intercourse. At least 2, at most 12 weeks after these screening tests should be done. If possible, these tests should be repeated at certain intervals and the situation should be monitored.

Persons may request referral to the Biochemistry Laboratories that apply the AIDS test by referring to the health centers they are affiliated with and reporting the situation.


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